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India’s expanding technological footprint has made it a hotbed of innovative creators. Creators who are making their presence felt across diverse social media platforms, ushering in a new mindset towards viewing content as a profession and something to be taken seriously. Gone are the days when content was looked at as merely a source of entertainment. Creators serve as the architects of the digital revolution, constantly redefining how content is meant to be consumed and viewed. To enable wider accessibility to your creative endeavours, TapOn unifies your social media presence in one place.

A single TapOn link serves as a gateway to your entire social media presence.Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Snapchat, no matter which platform you’re active on, TapOn ensures you get discovered at one click.

Our plans are oriented for the new generation of Indian creators. Accessible content can only be made possible with accessible partners, which is why our creator plans are priced to facilitate your creative expression. Don’t waste your time linking, let TapOn do the thinking, for you.

TapOn plans are constantly evolved and improved on a regular basis to fit your creative needs. Our plans never settle, just like your content.

For the budding creators of India,
Ekclick par aneklinks.
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